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Commodore Yacht Service



teak deck

Either you have an old and worn teak deck or want to put  one for the first time ,we’ll offer you the best solutions and craftmanship for your new teak deck.
Why we say „We’ll offer you the best solutions and craftmanship for your new teak deck“?

Because behind us are years of experience despite a young team that’s well renown and with excellent refferences…

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Every boat owner is trying to make his vessel as pleasant and comfortable environment possible , and at the same time to be fully functional and safe.

That’s the main reason why we pay extra attention to planning, designing and crafting of the furniture because we know that boats are like a second home , so it has to be pleasant surroundings…

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Is something that gives  the final touch when coming to harmony of hull colours matching with the interior and exterior,and that´s why we take extra care regarding that segment of boat imaging.

Modern times bring new technologies in colour application, boat safeguarding from atmospheric conditions and sea, it is and it has to be deserving, because if the boat…

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interior yacht design

In this picture of a motoryacht, the space  is completely adapted and in harmony with all necessary functions as custom ordered from his owner.

Clean Navigation board, fridge, small kitchen, living room, bedroom and toilette.

teak deck art

There are a number of so called „artisans“ in the teak decking that don’t respect and obbey the standards of profession and technology, and therefore bring depreciation of the real experts in this line of work. In this example you can see top quality teak deck in a motoryacht cockpit that is attracking attention by her pure design, clean lines and superb finish.

yacht painting

In the picture is a motor yacht from the first picture whilst launched into the sea. The point we want to emphasise is the fact that the boat owner seeing his boat in the water, shared a tear and whispered: „She’s reborn“.

In this line of work this is the commendation that you can only hope for